and their promise......



In this picture a combination of all archangel colours and energies takes place.




Highest prince of archangels and Seraphim is METATRON. He is beginning and end, alpha and omega, the birth of the light. He possesses the highest energy and splits the white light into its entire chromatic spectrum. Metatron is the next angel at the side of God. To him we ask the way to find heart quality and the all-comprehensive love within us. He is the angel of proclaim and the teacher to birth the old knowledge from all incarnations.



His task is to point out to humans what is possible on the terrestrial-material sphere by uniting us directly with divineness and the understanding that the subject represents no obstacle or bindness. As human he will compared with prophet Elias, the guardian of growth on the material level -- Gardener of the soul and the spirit. He is messenger and ambassador of the higher levels, and he provides all necessary, mental forces. He embodies the shaping and creates the fine-material conditions for the implementation on earth. He stands for all the earth's dynamic processes of life. His colors: dark blue and radiating white.



He is the warrior. Our protector in each situation. Protection, Strength and Clarification are his energies. His main color is blue and together with Faith focused archangel Michael the subconsciousness of the blue beam. He embodies omnipotence, perfection, protection, faith and the desire to do the will of God. He helps us with threats, occupation of foreign energies or nightmares, exactly the same as with karmic loads or by concrete danger. With full devotion he transforms destructive hate-fulfilled energies into light and love. The color gold represents divineness and royalism. It is the oscillation of the love which was manifested. The pearl white portions of the picture symbolize purity and entireness.



Haniel: stands for "Divineness Forgiving". His energy is like a ray of light, in which one can put oneself into. Gnawing self doubts and feelings of "worthlessness" will separate, He heals the wounds of the soul, which resulted from displaced aggressions and rage, and helps to find the correct words in problem situations and to say things in non-harmful ways. His color is turquoise.



The archangel of hope, stands for the new, the change and the marvelous. (He) is the companion of the human life, helps us to recognize our life goal and is also called “angel of proclaim” because he helps us through hopelessness, depression, destructive energies and stagnation. Likewise, he supports helps us to recognize inner pictures and for understanding our dreams and visions.



Camael: His name means: "The strictest angel of God and his burning fire." He embodies firmness and severity and is the guardian of the threshold (as when someone exceeds a forbidden border), just like the guardians of the way of the inter-human relations and partnership.

Chamuel: maybe instead should read: REPRESENTS the "strength of the heart of God." In his territory, love without reservation, is the highest property, and flows here in it's full strength and luminosity with the pink light, which also is called the third beam from the heart of God. His energy is basic, strong, cheerful, affectionate, gentle and increasing. Chamuel sends unconditional love into our hearts. We call on him if we feel alone in relationship problems and tensions.



Anael: This archangel stands for: "cosmic fire" courage, progress, energy, fire baptism, transformation of the low impulses, sexuality, destruction of the old for a new start, rule and determination.. ..

Radziel Means:"light carriers": charisma, success, joy of life, energy, secret knowledge of the universe, cleaning, decontamination.



is the most connected angel with this earth. He is arranging, stabilizing and nevertheless calm and harmonious. Uriel teaches us to master the material world. He helps humans to follow again the diviness of order and to live thereby in agreement. With his assistance, we´ll bring our bodies, spirit and soul into agreement and can thus avoid or heal many diseases. He helps bring awareness and spirituality into our "here and now everyday life" . His assigned element is the earth.



He is the angel of healing. His energy is strong, coating, clarifying and cleansing. His name is interpreted as "God medicine" or "God heals". In addition he is responsible for each healing, regeneration, renewal and taper ratio of humans for our earth and the entire cosmos. He is the protection patron of all healers and doctors.



Muriel – this archangel stands for: "epiphany grace" assigning, humility, unconditional love, wisdom of the heart, heart decisions without fear, faith, dissolution of delimitations, mental welfare strength, ease.



Zadkiel is called, "the comforter of God" "the fair one of God." He works with the healing of wounds, the cell structure, embodies quality and mercy, distributes benedictions, obtains the grace and helps those who got off the track.



This text was channeling of the highest causal level in April 2006 by

" Please permit us to say to you that what happens here is very personal.
It may be unusual but because the strength of the angels and their colors, are brought outside into the world, we have selected an unusual medium for it.
The world developed, became "modern" and it seems, that never before have love, faith and hope become so necessarily than in these times.
You are living in a world in which you often no longer get along and which grows seemingly more threatening each day . We would like to create a connection, between this - your modern world - and the age old wisdom within which angels and their aids have inherent in them since the beginning of all time We want to build a bridge, from us to you, to offer our protection and guidance to you, where you necessarily need it most.

It is a promise that those angels, whose colors you here and now select for yourself, are available as "godparents" for your painting. That you will feel their strength whenever you call them for you own protection and guidance.

Ana Barrows is a medium of the recent time, and whose task it is to bring old knowledge into your new ways of being. Although Ana concerned also still at her way, and not at her goal, she carries a large knowledge over the cosmic and karmic connections in itself and a large readiness to arrange these for humans in manifold ways. These pictures, which we asked her for, are only one part of it Ana is a channeling medium of the causal level and in the future we will find our way to you through her over manifold channels.
You can trust her.

Perhaps this, and also the selected opening, may appear "mismatching" to you, they were selected consciously in order to clarify for you the integration of old wisdom and associated large strength in your new, modern world. It's also to show you, that it "fits" into many forms. That it represents itself in many forms, it nevertheless loses nothing of its strength. That it belongs to you, exactly like your soul -- as the times change from the beginning of all ages.
God benediction is with you":


" I´ll guarantee, that each bought picture will made around, specially for you. So you can be sure for the most individuality and the greatest possible energetic oscillation Since it concerns handmade originals, just like by different computer representations -- small deviations are possible. In addition, I am confident that you will keep the exact "Correct" picture for yourself. If you should wish to bring in a further color or energy please contact me. I further assure you that 10% of net proceeds are supplied to charitable purposes. In this case I decided for the "PEACE VILLAGE INTERNATIONALLY upper living" and the organization".